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Drone's View is dedicated to helping pilots take advantage of drone technology safely and responsibly. With our custom drone training courses you will learn from our experienced  pilots that have been trained and certified to garner the skills you need to fly like a pro. From equipment and application specific training for advanced operations, to Transport Canada Prep, Drone's View offers custom solutions that will help you accomplish any aerial operation with safety and efficiency.

Custom Training

Our goal is to provide a full range of custom drone training courses including ground school, practical and customized equipment-specific training, and courses to meet the needs of pilots of all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you need hands-on experience with your drone system, or want to prep for a Transport Canada Exam, we are committed to helping you with custom training that that will best suit your needs.

Drone Aerial Videography and Photography

We offer custom courses that provide a complete guide to mastering aerial drone flying, filming and photography. This includes a recipe that will allow you to be confident flying your drone and walk away from each flight with incredible content. No prior flying, film, or photography skills are required to excel as we can adjust our custom courses to any skill level.

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Parallel Lines
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