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Flight Review Details

Prepare for your flight review

Please come prepared, meeting the following Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Be a Canadian Citizen, or a permanent resident

  • Be at least 16 years of age

  • Passed the Transport Canada Small Advanced Exam

  • Have a Certificate - Basic Operations

  • Reside at the address indicated on your Pilot Certificate

  • Provide government-issued identification with the correct spelling of your name

  • Provide Certificate of Registration for drone used for the flight review

Advanced Operations Flight Review Expectations: 

  • You will be tested on your airmanship and other factors in determining the necessary knowledge and ability required to complete the Flight Review

  • Actions such as use of checklists, consideration for other aircraft on the ground and in the air, completing a site survey, choice of takeoff area, and looking out for other aircraft will be assessed. 

  • You will be expected to demonstrate complete accurate checks on a continuing basis and good airmanship

  • You are expected to act as the PIC as per regulations and rules governed by Transport Canada, the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and any other laws or by-laws imposed by the government

  • The Flight Review will determine the appropriate area to conduct the test

  • The Flight Reviewer will have in possession a copy of the Exemption Letter pertaining to SFOC requirements

  • The Flight Reviewer will only intervene in the Flight Review if he or she deems that the candidate is displaying either the lack or inability of safety regarding the flight of the RAPS. 


Flight Review - Skills Checklist: 

  • Describe the site surveying process

  • Describe the emergency procedures that apply to flying a RPAS, including lost-link procedures and procedures to follow in the event of a fly away, including who to contact in the event of a fly away

  • Describe the method used to inform Transport Canada of an accident or incident

  • Successfully perform pre-flight checks of the RPAS

  • Perform a take-off

  • Perform a landing

  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate around obstacles

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize distances

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